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Enchant your audience with magic bubbles

Are you hosting an upcoming event and are after something abstract to charm the audience and add meaning to your occasion? Magic bubbles from our Industrial Bubble Machine are here to leave your audience in awe!

For just $250 for the 1st hour and $125 for each extra hour, you can have our machine staged to the side and ready to do its work— release colorful and harmless bubbles into the surrounding. Be it your special day at the altar, a charity event, a dance party for the magic-loving audience, or a baby shower; our Bubble machine can provide your surrounding with an appropriate spray of lovely bubbles. It is the perfect item to leave people talking and your location decorated with spellbinding arrays of eye-catching bubbles.

Spice up the atmosphere with lovely Bubbles

Put a smile and look of wonder on the faces of your guests and bystanders with this package. Do you have a festival, party, parade or picnic to plan? Do you want something that will make participants laugh, clap, and even POP some bubbles? A Bubbleologist can make that happen!

With just $300 per hour and $150 for extra each extra hour, we will storm your show with our professional and exciting Bubbleologist who can’t wait to make your occasion spark with different colored bubbles and exciting bubble tricks.

Watch and create your own Bubbles!

Charm your audience and give them more to talk about and show with this exciting offer! Our Bubbleologists are ready to make your event enchanting. More so, with this impressive 10 bottles per event package. We will teach your audience about bubble making and hand them bubble wands and bottles to spray more wonder in the air.

Get your own Bubbleologist now at $350 for the 1st hour and $200 for each extra hour!!

Learn more about Super Crazy Bubbles at  

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