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Everyone has heard of having a bouncy house or water slide at their party.  But have you ever considered having a Foam Machine? 


Eickhoff Entertainment is proud to present a fun and interactive party activity that can happen in your  own backyard or other grounds.  


What is this activity you ask?  A Foam Party. 


What is a foam party? 


foam par·ty 

noun: foam party; plural noun: foam parties 

  1. a party at which guests dance and play in foam or soap suds. 

Ideal for:

-Birthday Parties


-Charity Walk/Runs



-Graduation Parties

-Block Parties

-Plus Much More! is the website for this great service.

To learn more about this activity and other services offered by Eickhoff Entertainment, contact Brad today at 513-914-1888 or 859-391-4166.


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